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ES Waves Podcast 8. Another oldie, this time from 2004. Always liked this little one and look who's getting on the flange (DJM 600 stylie).

Tracklisting (from the top of my head, correct me if I'm wrong)

Snook Dub
Something from Dfocus records
Lawgiverz - I feel
Lawgiverz - Reality
Petter - All together

ES Waves - Podcast 7

Sorry for the delay in putting out another mix. Was caused by a mixture of concentrating on other projects and the need for some creative downtime. Regardless enjoy. Much more to follow tunes wise. Album ‘Parasol Stars’ has now for the last time returned from the masterers. Preview will go up on soundcloud shortly after this podcast has uploaded.


1. Mike Mind - Satellite Son [Turbo Recordings]
2. John Daly - Atlantic Drive [Drumpoet Community]
3. Ital Tek - Finally [From Ital Tek Soundcloud page]
4. Petar Dundov - Oasis (Substance & Vainqueur Remix) [Music Man Records]
5. Helixir - Narcotik Dub [7even Recordings]
6. Gregor Tresher - The Life Wire (Petar Dundov Variation) [Break New Soil Recordings]
7. Petar Dundov - Running Man [Music Man Records]
8. Charlie May, Barry Jamieson - Homecoming (Barry Jamieson’s Techstyle Remix [Mayhem]
9. ES Waves - Neon Dreams / Laser Beams [ES Waves Media]
10. Union Jack - Papillon (Instrumental Mix) [Porcupine Recordings]
11. Radial - Smoking Kills (Rumenige & Loktibrada Remix) [Planet Rhythm]

This is a mix I did in the Summer of 2006. I had a pair of CDJ1000s at the time and had just got heavily into ableton live so this mix was done using a pair of CDJ1000s / a technics deck and live. I ditched the CDJs very shortly afterwards as I thought ableton offerred just what I'd been looking for, a break from the prison of tune to tune mixing (plus someone offerred me a bit more than what I'd paid for them which was nice). Lots of big recogniseable tuneage on here.

1. Speedy J - Symmetry (live)
over last section of this track and lead into next, intro to BT - Remember (Sasha Mix), recurs several times during the mix

2. Bedrock - Forge
I looped a section in the middle with the drums, loads of reverb etc.

3. Speedy J - The Oil Zone (live)

Over the mix into rabbitweed I looped a section of the first track and the intro to remember again.

4. Sasha - Rabbitweed

5. S.H., Roby C - One Hour (Acid Rub Mix)
Over the mix out I used a percussion loop from Monolake - North

6. Formulate - The Voice of Qi (Brian Seed's 8 bit breaks remix)
On the mix out of this I used a section from Ameoba Assassin - Piledriver (greyed out mix) and a sample from 12 Moons - Zero Gravity. Under all this is the beat from the intro to Antix -Cold Night.

7. Subsky - Albino (original and Blue Room Project mixes)

8 Bt - Remember (Sasha Mix) ESW edit
Underneath the 'jam' is the beat from Antix - Cold Night.

9. Cygnus X - Indakasa

I now have some release dates for the digital release of the first couple of EPs on ES Waves Media.

ESWM-001 ES Waves - 'Neon Dreams / Laser Beams' released 11 October 2010
ESWM-002 ES Waves - 'Email for Lucky' released 8 November 2010

You can subsricbe to my podcasts via iTunes using this link itpc://eswaves.podOmatic.com/rss2.xml (retaining the itpc bit)

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Fifth podcast. Some tracks I've been digging recently. Hope you enjoy.

1. Laurent Garnier - Forgotten Thoughts / FCOMM
2. Bon, Rau - Brothers and Sisters (Poodle Dub Mix) / Smallville Records
3. Hirotaka Miyamoto - In Sense ft Shinya Okamoto / Avantroots
4. Pat Fontes - High Hopes / Don’t Sleep Worldwide
5. Ilya Orange - Stormfront / Avantroots
6. Satellite Son - Mike Mind / Turbo Recordings
7. Future Beat Alliance - Cross Dissolve / Tresor
8. Alla Farmer - Futuristique / Avantroots

Website - http://eswaves.com/
Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/eswaves
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Soundcloud - ES Waves
Twitter - http://twitter.com/eswaves

Forth ES Waves Podcast. Hope you've been enjoying these. Had a cold when putting this one together but hopefully sounds ok. Tracklisting is

1. Dirty Doering - Loco (Vince Watson Ambient Mix) / Damage Music Berlin
2. John Daly - Move / Feel Music
3. Dirty Doering - Loco (Vince Watson Mix) / Damage Music Berlin
4. Wagner, Brauns - Jazz Hustle (Abe Duque Dub) / SOUNDZ
5. Music in Mind - Want to / Music 4 Minds
6. ES Waves - Email for Lucky (Mix 2) / ES Waves Media
7. Slam - Room 2 (Pan Pot’s Rave Tool Mix) / Paragraph
8. Vance Watson - Otherworldly / Bio
9. Dirty Doering - Loco (d-funk’s stripped to the bone mix) / Damage Music Berlin
10. Aquilla - Dreamstate (Oliver Lieb's LSG Mix) / White Label
11. Radial - Bruce Lead / Planet Rhythm


ES Waves Podcast 3


1. Steve Bug - Trust In Me feat. Virginia (John Daly Remix)
2. Rotciv - Spider Legs Phunktastike Remix
3. Rezkar - Above The Clouds
4. Neurotron - Basalt
5. Sound Process - Balmoral
6. Rotciv - Secrets Revealed
7. Shiloh - Chords (Medway remix)
8. Rennie Foster - Devils Water (Youngsters Remix)
9. Robytek - Sun
10. Booka Shade Sweet Lies (Patrice Baumel Remix)

Thank you for taking the time to listen.

The second in an occasional series of podcasts by the electronic musician ES Waves.


1. Casanova - Dreams in Blue (Raica Remix)
2. Mondkopf - Libera Me (Destin Tragique Remix by Gohan)
3. ES Waves - Untitled
4. Nash Donson - Under - 2nd Version
5. Riley Reinhold - Hollow Hills (Gohan Mix)
6. Dennis White - Development
7. Aron Bas - Loser - Alternative Mix
8. LSG - Blueprint (ES Waves rough cut Mix)

Please visit http://eswaves.com/ for more info.
To contact ES Waves please email info [at] eswaves.com replacing the [at] with @.

The first in an occasional series of podcasts by the electronic musician ES Waves.


1. Derailleur - Cognate (Bitten Deep By The Black Dog)
2. Riley Reinhold - Lights In My Eyes (Dominik Eulberg Fernweh RMX)
3. Xplore - Orange Drop
4. Music in Minds - 12 Years
5. Music in Minds - Love
6. Mateo Murphy - Standing Waves (Paul Keeley Low Key Mix)
7. Fuck Pony - Fall into Me (Marco Passarani rmx)
8. Protonica - Final Steps

Please visit http://eswaves.com/ for more info.
To contact ES Waves please email info [at] eswaves.com replacing the [at] with @.

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